Monday, April 2, 2007


The phylum Arthropoda makes up 80% of Kingdom Anamalia, and is very diverse. This corresponds to their rather varied feeding habits. There are some Arthropods who feed in every way. Ways in which they feed include scavenging, filter feeding, deposit feeding, suspension feeding, hunting prey, eating some varieties of plants, and some arthropods are even parasitic. Arthropods have several different mouth structures as well, including the grasshopper’s mouth, which is better adapted for cutting and chewing then the mosquito’s, which is better adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood (in the case of the female). A butterfly’s mouthparts are useful for sucking nectar through a long tube, and a bee has mouthparts used for chewing and gathering nectar. Honeybees also use their legs to store pollen while out gathering.

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